Magnum P.I.

Magnum P.I. is a show starring Tom Selleck as the title character. As a private investigator, Magnum is hired by a new client in every episode and receives a new case to work on. The show combines elements of suspense, action and humor. The personality of Magnum is offset by his man servant Higgins. Where Magnum is free spirited and chaotic in his personal life, Higgins is extremely organized and methodical. The deadpan answers Higgins provides to Magnum's witty banter adds to the shows appeal. While Magnum does work on his own he does have two friends who show up in every episode to help him out. These characters are known as T.C., who is a helicopter pilot and Rick, who runs a club.

The settings for each episode are often very eye-catching as the show is filmed in Hawaii. There are story lines which showcase the islands beautiful landscape as well as some of its more popular establishments. The cases Magnum agrees to take are often filled with danger, espionage and action. There are high speed chase scenes as well as shoot-outs with armed criminals. An element of danger is woven into every story, which can include kidnappings and murder. As each story unfolds, it often becomes a mystery which needs to be solved by following different leads.

During the course of his investigation, Magnum will visit many people involved with the case and question them thoroughly. He often discuses some of his findings with Higgins, who can provide some insight into what might be taking place. Magnum lives in the lap of luxury in a beautiful estate with well tended grounds. He also has two Doberman Pinschers he fondly refers to as his lads. He drives sporty cars and enjoys dating a variety of different women. Despite his playboy lifestyle, Magnum is very good at his job. He has many contacts around the island who provide him with information when he needs it. He is quick, clever and an extremely good with a gun.

8 Seasons, 162 Episodes
December 11, 1980
Drama, Action & Adventure
Cast: Tom Selleck, John Hillerman, Roger E. Mosley, Larry Manetti

Magnum P.I. Full Episode Guide

  • Magnum continues his watch of Linda as she is stalked by a psychopathic killer. Meanwhile, as Rick's wedding looms, T.C. seeks to reconcile with his ex-wife, and Magnum finds out new which concerns his theory that Higgins is really Robin Masters, as well as Lily's true fate.

  • Magnum receives a phone call from Hawaii while visiting his family in Virginia, which has him racing back to romance and danger and maybe even Robin Master's real identity.

  • Magnum receives some unwanted help from Luther Gillis, a St. Louis based detective when he assists Higgins in a search for Robin Masters' stolen manuscript.

  • Higgins is in search for a priceless ancient scroll in which he believes had been created by an advanced culture.

  • T.C.'s troubled son puts Magnum's lucrative business deal on hold when he winds up in jail.

  • Magnum's ex-wife and daughter are in grave danger after Quang Ki is indictment is rescinded due to insufficient evidence.

  • Bank teller Susan Johnson takes a shot at Magnum during an investigation, having recently become a detective.

  • Magnum becomes entangled in Carol's personal and professional career when he moves in with her and her mother after she receives death threats.

  • Magnum falls in love with a beautiful young woman while helping Higgins with a Hawaiian Historical Society pageant.

  • Magnum investigates the shooting death of his friend Lt. Tanaka, and uncovers that the man is also involved in illicit activities.

  • Magnum and the wife of a waste management president have become an unlikely yet valuable teammate.

  • While Magnum heals from his injuries, Higgins takes on his lifestyle right down to wearing Hawaiian shirts and driving fast cars, while Tom is laid back and dressing in a suit. Intrigued by Higgins sudden change Magnum checks out what is going on, discovering that he is seeing a woman who may be taking him for a pigeon.

  • Friends and family try to help bring Magnum out of his coma.

  • Rick's friend Ice Pick hits the mattresses when he gets some information that his life's in danger. Then Rick's in hot water when the mechanic sent to kill Ice Pick turns up dead - and Rick won't even defend himself. That, of course, means that his friends must defend him...

  • Magnum must jump through the hoops necessary to renew his investigator's license. While that goes on, he gets a welcome visit from his playwright aunt Phoebe, and the unwelcome news that the believes killers have trailed her to Hawaii from her native New York. Naturally Magnum has to do something about that.

  • Lawyer Cynthia Farrell comes to visit Magnum, to see if there's anything to the relationship they started in Los Angeles. But he spends more time investigating a director of pornographic films on behalf of one of his actresses.

  • On the night of Sergeant Doheny's retirement dinner, vicious sexual predators raped and murder his granddaughter. He tracks them to Hawaii and enlists Magnum's help in finding them. When he finds one of the men, his relentless pursuit drives the man in front of a bus, fatally. When Doheny explains what happened to Magnum, he realizes the man intends to kill the other suspect, and determines to find the killer first, to spare Doheny a murder rap.

  • Magnum's about to hit forty, and it looks like forty's going to hit back: while celebrating in Honolulu's Chinatown, he loses his Lucky Two. This $2 bill, given to him by his grandfather when he was thirteen, has been his lucky charm since. Searching for it, he gets drawn into a case of gunrunning, and nearly loses his life!

  • Magnum's life has been better: he owes Rick money, he let some kids down and he got fired because he couldn't solve a case. So he decides a nice hike will clear his head. But on the climb, a centipede bites him, and then he gets his legs pinned under the wreckage of an antique fighter plane. The situation leads to introspection, and perhaps some answers.

  • As T. C. gives Magnum a flying lesson, someone shoots the veteran pilot. Subsequent events reveal that the shot was meant for Magnum; someone impersonated him and tried to extort money from a Mexican gangster. And somehow, in the middle of all of it, is a man named Mac Bonnick.

  • In 1941 San Francisco, private investigator Thomas Magnum investigates the murder of William Maxfield, a newspaper mogul whose rags to riches story might conceal old enemies. This story borrows from film noir, and features an array of characters who resemble modern Magnum's friends.

  • Higgins joins an expedition designed to raise the self-esteem of a group of young convicts. He'll lend it his survival skills, but when an escape goes badly pear shaped, he'll have to rely on his skills to keep himself alive. In his absence, Magnum, T. C. and Rick plan a party at Robin's Nest.

  • Carol asks Magnum to observe a court case she'll present before her mentor, Judge Hannibal Kearns. He dismisses the case on a technicality, something he has done several times recently. Carol must face the possibility that her old mentor has accepted bribes, and asks Magnum to investigate. He turns up evidence that Ice Pick might be involved...

  • T. C.'s children come to visit him in Hawaii. But his daughter Melody disappears at the airport, and then he learns the ransom will be $300,000. Magnum tries to discover who kidnapped the child, while Rick and Higgins help T. C. raise the ransom - an operation that includes selling the helicopter that is his livelihood. And Magnum discovers that this is tied to T. C.'s past...

  • Magnum sees a native Hawaiian girl witness a murder. When the gunman goes after her, Magnum intervenes and both escape into the sea. The gunman shoots Magnum, who loses consciousness. When he awakens a few days later on the secluded island of Kapu, he remembers little about the incident - and it seems the island's residents don't want to help him learn any more. But the gunman and the girl are still out there somewhere...

  • An editor friend of Robin Masters, Pamela Bates, visits the estate. En route, sometime tries to run them off the road! Magnum is set to look into it, but Pamela has an expert of her own on tap - mystery novelist and sometime sleuth Jessica Fletcher! But Magnum just can't leave it alone, which interferes with his current side project, a property investment with T. C. and Rick.

  • An escalating war of jokes becomes increasingly mean-spirited, all touched off by Magnum's inadvertent erasure of part of Higgins's memoirs. In the midst of the trouble this causes him, Magnum is trying to gather evidence against a crooked gambling ring. Higgins and Magnum ultimately end up trapped in the elevator of a building about to be demolished, where Magnum accuses Higgins of being Robin Masters.

  • When assassins come to kill General Hue, his frantic wife Michelle leaves her daughter with her ex-husband - Magnum - for safe keeping. As he watches the child, questions enter his mind, and he sets out to find his ex-wife and the answers.

  • Magnum is preparing for his upcoming tax audit - alone - when someone with a lot of information about Magnum's past begins calling. The caller offers Magnum riddles based on nursery rhymes. Magnum dismisses him as a crank until he learns of a murder that matches the clues - and the mysterious caller offers more riddles, suggesting more killings...

  • Magnum is set to receive an award at a convention collecting private detectives when one of them, Jean Fornier, drops dead of poison. Magnum hunts for Fornier's murderer, with help from some of the other detectives, and eventually uncovers the gang of drug smugglers Fornier was hunting.

  • Recovering from an ankle injury, Magnum chances across Leslie Emory. A prostitute during his time as a hotel detective, she's a former prostitute now. And, she wants to hire Magnum to locate her sister Patty, who is still a prostitute. Magnum soon learns the missing woman is connected to some fairly powerful individuals...

  • Carol persuades Magnum to guard a young woman, a deaf painter who witnessed a robbery and four murders. After she identifies one of the men from a police line-up, her life is in danger.

  • Magnum and Cynthia become closer as they continue their search for the killer. Back on the island, T. C. also searches for the missing Kenny, whom he must find before a murderer does!

  • Robin sends Magnum to Los Angeles to deliver lawsuit papers to a small company there. On the trip, he befriends a stand-up comedienne whom someone later murders. Magnum determines to solve the crime, and gets some help from an unexpected quarter, an attorney named Cynthia Farrell. Back on Hawaii, one of T. C.'s baseball players gets mixed up with car thieves and witnesses a murder.

Magnum P.I. News

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